Image Processing

Plataforma Image Processing Tecnología Shinobi.

Camera Intelligence platform that identifies what you want.

Biometric identification, people counting, identification of empty spaces in warehouses, inventory identification, QR code, use of infrared and thermographic cameras, and much more.

Image Processing Suite

We process and analyze large amounts of data through our detection modules. We configure which objects you want to recognize, consult and manage.

Get the insights you need to make decisions

Thanks to real-time image processing, we put at your disposal all the KPIs you need to make critical decisions in your business.

Generate smart alerts and displays the results

Understand the context of the entire scene and its background and create a structured database, to generate smart reports and alerts.

plataformas de image processing

Image detection and processing modules

Our modules adapt to any type of camera. We use Machine Learning so that the cameras can visualize and understand the situation in a similar way as humans do.

Detección de Fallas en Paneles Solares

Fault identification module in photovoltaic panels

Detección de Inventario en Bodega

Inventory management module through cameras

Estimation berry size module in agriculture

Fish identification module in aquaculture

Detección de Infraestructura Urbana

Urban infrastructure identification module

Detección de Personas

People detection module

How does it works?

Security & Reliability

We count with high-security encryption in Data Transfer for all our products and services, using SSL /TLS or Blockchain.

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